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Spring 2024

Ninja Eclipse Machine


Our pinball cabinet redefines the gaming experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, we've prioritized accessibility, serviceability, and portability, surpassing all precedents. Every facet of our design exudes ultra-premium quality.


Our playfield is brimming with dynamic shots and state-of-the-art mechanisms. One standout feature is the exhilarating kickback sequence: from scoop to scoop, leading directly to the upper flipper shot, setting players up for a thrilling assault on Oni Nisshoku's formidable fortress.


Our ruleset is meticulously crafted to cater to both the budding enthusiast and the seasoned pinball veteran. Whether you're just diving into the world of pinball or have years of flippers expertise, our game aims to provide an unmatched experience tailored to every skill level.


All Turner Pinball™ machines are PinAccess™ Enabled. This provides a ton of great features directly from the PinAccess™ app on your mobile device.

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Each Reservation Holder Receives Our Exclusive 36 Page Printed Comic

Japan, long ago.

It is a time of legend, when mighty lords wage wars of conquest with their samurai armies, and hired ninja assassins strike from the shadows.

In still darker places, supernatural yokai and oni creatures wander the night and look upon the human realm with hungry eyes...

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Terms and FAQs

With the debut of our inaugural machine, we recognize First Edition buyers as early adopters. As we roll out the first 100 machines, there's an expected learning curve, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. We are committed to delivering quality machines designed for long-term enjoyment. Should any issues arise, we will do our best to provide prompt resolution.

In the future, we'll be adopting a tiered approach to our product line. The First Edition is positioned at our future premium-level tier, reflecting its pricing. Please review the terms (in Q&A format below) and reach out with any questions prior to making a reservation. You can contact us at [email protected].

What is the full price and when will payment be due?

The price for our First Edition machines will be $9,777 + taxes and shipping. We will call reservation holders in order. Full payment, and agreement to the terms and conditions for purchase, will be due within one week of receiving notice that your machine is ready. If payment and agreement are not provided in that time, you will forfeit your reservation fee and lose your spot in line. The reservation fee will not be deducted or credited to the price of the machine.

When will the First Edition machines ship?

We currently estimate that the machines will start shipping sometime in Spring 2024. We do not expect to have all 100 machines made at the time of first shipment. As machines are manufactured and completed, the reservation holders will be contaced in the order of their reservation.

How many "First Edition" machines will be produced in this limited release?

We will manufacture no more than 100 First Edition Ninja Eclipse™ machines. Each machine will be numbered and badged as "First Edition".

Why are you collecting a $150 reservation fee?

We prefer a small reservation fee over a large deposit. We feel the $150 is just enough to require a small level of commitment from someone making the reservation. This reservation fee is NOT a deposit and does not grant you any rights other than the numbered place in line as discussed above.

How many reservations will you take?

We realize that our conversion rate on reservations will probably not be 100%. Therefore, we will accept more than 100 reservations. Any reservations holders that do not receive a First Edition machine will get special benefits (TBD) for the next version of Ninja Eclipse.

Are reservation fees refundable?

No. All reservation fees are non-refundable. Our Ninja Eclipse game is undergoing final testing and prepration for production. However, if any unforeseen events should occur, the payment of the reservation fee does not guarantee you a First Edition Ninja Eclipse or any machine. The reservation fee does guarantee your numbered spot in line.

Are reservations transferrable?

No. Reservations are only valid for the person that made the reservation initially.


The terms and features on this page are subject to change. Please check back here for the latest.

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