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Save the world from the evil Oni Nisshoku before he eclipses Japan with darkness from the Shadow Realm!

First Edition: 100 Unit Limited Release


$1,000 Deposit Required**

Estimated to begin shipping Fall 2024.

* Plus tax and S/H.

** See terms below.

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Our machines are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. We've prioritized quality, reliability, and serviceability. Here are a few patent pending features that make our machines unique:

  • Removable Glass Frame w/ Std Size Tempered Glass
  • Connectorless RGB Lighting on Glass Frame

For our First Edition release of Ninja Eclipse™, we are including some complimentary premium features:

  • Purple Sparkle Powder Coat
  • Premium Sound Package
  • Interior Art Blades
  • Signed Certificate of Authenticity
  • 36 Page Illustrated Comic Book


Whether you're just diving into the world of pinball or have years of flippers expertise, our game aims to provide an unmatched experience tailored to every skill level.

  • Eight Boss Modes
  • Eight Skill Trees
  • Secret "Instant-Kill" Sequences
  • Four Mini-Modes
  • Two Wizard Modes

Code complete at delivery so you can enjoy all the features straight out of the box.


All Turner Pinball™ machines
are PinAccess™ Enabled.

Scan the machine with your mobile device to log in, store scores, earn achievements, and track high scores.

Community: View global leaderboards and engage with the pinball community.

Gameplay: Place your device on the apron to use PinView™ for live scores and dynamic gameplay interactions.

Maintenance: Owners can easily access and adjust machine settings.

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Japan, long ago.

It is a time of legend, when mighty lords waged wars of conquest with their samurai armies, and hired ninja assassins strike from the shadows.

In still darker places, supernatural yokai and oni creatures wander the night and look upon the human realm with hungry eyes…

Receive a Ninja Eclipse Comic with your Purchase!

Fully Illustrated 36 Page Hardcopy



With the debut of our inaugural machine, we recognize First Edition buyers as early adopters. To say thanks, we have included some complimentary premium features all at a special introductory price. We are committed to delivering quality machines designed for long-term enjoyment. Ninja Eclipse™ has been a passion project for our team, and we hope you love it as much as we have enjoyed making it.

Please review the terms (in Q&A format below) and reach out with any questions prior to making a reservation. Any updates to the terms will be posted here, so please check back for updates. You can contact us with questions at [email protected].

When will payment be due?

A $1,000 deposit is required immediately. Full payment ($6,994 + taxes + shipping - $1,000 deposit), and agreement to the terms and conditions for purchase, will be due within one week of receiving notice that your machine is ready. If payment and agreement are not provided in that time, you will forfeit your deposit.

Are deposits refundable?

Your deposit is a commitment to buy, which we will rely upon. In return, we are making a commitment to build you a machine. Any deposits made directly with Turner Pinball are fully refundable ONLY if we have NOT notified you that your machine is built and ready to ship within 12 months of your deposit date. Additionally, deposit money will be separated from operating funds and will not be used for parts or other business expenses until your machine has shipped.

How many "First Edition" machines will be produced in this limited release?

We will manufacture no more than 100 First Edition Ninja Eclipse™ machines. Each machine will be numbered and badged as "First Edition", and will include a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Future builds of Ninja Eclipse, if they occur, will be our Arcade Edition. Some of the premium features included in the First Edition will only be available as paid upgrades at that time. No future badged and numbered "Limited" editions of Ninja Eclipse™ will be offered.

When will the First Edition machines ship?

We currently estimate that the machines will start shipping in Fall 2024. We do not expect to have all 100 machines manufactured at the time of first shipment. As machines are manufactured, orders will be fulfilled in the order they were placed.

Are deposits transferable?

No. Deposits are only valid for the person who made the deposit initially, and only on a Ninja Eclipse™ machine.

Playfield Design
Brad Duke
Ruleset Design
Brad Duke, Quinn Johnson, Jon Norris
Story Writer
Quinn Johnson
Art and Animation
Jeff Dickson, Brad Duke
Matthew Brozusky, Chris Turner
Sound Design
Marco Gorajski, Paul Woodward
User Experience Design
Bradlee Ching, Brad Duke
Gabe Hernandez, Chris Turner
Team Pro
Collier Whitefield